Valley House 50/50 Raffle Drawing 2024

By entering this raffle, entrants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions:

Raffle tickets cost $20/each. 

Promotion Period: April 14 – Sept 21, 2024. Drawing will be on 12pm September 21.

All proceeds will support the 60+ bed addition at the Valley House Homeless Shelter.

The Valley House reserves the right to change the date/time of the draw.

No purchase other than raffle coupon required to enter.

There are no restrictions on number of entries, however the operator has the responsibility to care towards its players, to identify any sign of potential irresponsible gambling and raise the issue accordingly.

Not mandatory to be present at time of the reveal.

Should raffle be cancelled for any reason, raffle ticket holders will be notified by email or mail on how to obtain refund.

Raffle ticket will be drawn randomly. The first ticket drawn will receive the prize.

The State of Idaho has no prohibition, neither in administrative rule nor statute, regarding the sale of raffle tickets via the internet. Conversely, there is no rule or law stating this is expressly allowed either. However, those considering offering raffle tickets for sale via the internet should consult private legal counsel, the Department of Justice, or their local U.S. Attorney’s office, as some legal opinions state these actions could be a violation of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, and/or the Interstate Wire Act of 1961, both Federal statutes carrying civil and criminal penalties.
Many states, including some neighboring states, do have state statutes prohibiting these acts. If a resident of one of these states were to purchase a raffle ticket via the internet, for a raffle being held in Idaho, both the purchaser and the seller could potentially find themselves in violation of those state statutes, in addition to any penalties that may be associated with the above-mentioned Federal statutes. The Enforcement Division of the Idaho Lottery offers this opinion only in regards to Idaho law.