get help

Do you need someone to talk to, a place to stay, a family to join?
Call us at 208-734-7736 or come visit us, client intakes are done Monday-Thursday 9-1. 

What we offer:

  • Shelter for up to 6 months for single men (9 beds), women (18 beds), and families (12 units).

  • We have a men’s shelter home, women’s shelter home, and shelter for families. 

  • Food Boxes

  • Hygiene Bags

  • Shower facilities

  • Clothing Vouchers

  • Various classes

  • We partner with other local agencies to purchase bus tickets and are able to help with motel stays when we do not have openings at the shelter


What to expect:

  • The first step is meeting with a staff member and sharing your story – where you are living now, how you got there, and what your goals are.

  • You are then sent to drug test and for your background check.  Violent offenders and sexual crimes are not allowed in our shelter program.

  • You then come back to the office where your intake will take place.  Our last intake of the day happens at 2 pm.

  • The entire process takes approximately 3 hours from beginning to end.

  • You will meet with our Client Manager weekly to access goals and needed resources.




Main Building

Martin Street Transitional Living Apartments

Martin Street Transitional Living Apartments:

  • This is phase 2 of our shelter program and clients are eligible to live here for up to two years.

  • One- and two-bedroom apartments

  • You meet with our Client Manager monthly to access goals and needed resources.

Dave's House

Family Units